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The Role Of Teachers In Public Education

Dear Friends in Ward 7:

Before I started teaching in the classroom (I am a Professor of Medical Radiation Sciences at the college level), I never really understood the level of commitment and talent required to be an effective teacher.

And I certainly didn’t appreciate the workload teachers face every day!

From preparing lessons, to grading, to dealing with student issues – not to mention the amount of time it takes to familiarize one’s self with new curriculum – which seems to be constantly evolving.

That is to say, I have a strong respect for our Public School teachers.

Please read my article below that outlines a few of the challenges I see facing teachers in the classroom over the next few years and how I believe they can be addressed.


Dawn Danko

Public School Trustee Candidate

Ward 7 Hamilton Central Mountain

Trustee Dawn Danko Hamilton Central Mountain Ward 7 Public School Trustee 2014 Municipal Election HWDSB, Marlon Picken, Sarah Warry-Poljanski

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