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Dawn Danko Trustee Debate – Hamilton Mountain Candidates

Dear Friends in Ward 7:

All Hamilton Mountain trustee candidates were recently invited to participate in an all candidates debate at Sherwood Secondary School.

I have included five video segments from the evening’s debate below.

One issue that stood out for me is the friction that still exists in our Hamilton Central Mountain communities as a result of recent school closures – I was very happy for the opportunity to explain my thoughts.

If elected Trustee, one of my key goals is to make sure that no community ever has to go through this divisive process again.  I have already been working behind the scenes to make changes to the ARC process, and I will continue working towards further changes if elected.

If you have the time to watch the video, I would be interested in your feedback – please leave a comment below!


Dawn Danko

Public School Trustee Candidate

Ward 7 Hamilton Central Mountain

Marlon Picken, Sarah Warry-Poljanski, Dawn Danko

Hamilton Mountain Trustee’s Debate

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank Hamilton’s Own Local News Source Joey Coleman for covering the debate.  We are very lucky to have Joey do the work he does!

Opening Statement

Debate Question

There have been many changes at the HWDSB, how will you help the community move forward?

Audience Question 1

To Dawn specifically:

How are you as a Trustee, going to be unbiased towards other schools, namely Armstrong?

Audience Question 2

To Ward 7 Candidates regarding discovery based math curriculum:

When you talk about being a voice (for your community), where do you go with the voice (at the board)?

Audience Question 3

To Dawn specifically:

How can we trust you as a Trustee to lookout for the interests of all children in your Ward and not just the interests of Queensdale residents?


Dawn Danko has never shied away from a challenge in her life.  Dawn is smart, driven and has the experience we need for our new Trustee.

Dawn has my vote!

Resident - Ward 7, Hamilton Central Mountain

Kids today don't know how to think for themselves and think they deserve everything. I'm voting for Dawn because she will bring some reality back to education.

Grandfather of Two, Father of Three

If you're looking for someone to shakeup the school board - Dawn is definitely the person for the job.

Resident - Ward 7, Hamilton Central Mountain

There are too many Trustees that get elected on single issue activist agendas. We need someone like Dawn who is fair to everyone.

Grandfather of Three, Father of Two

I know of no one else that would make a better Public School Trustee.

Community Member - Mother of Two

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